A stool for meditation and low seating. Handmade in Denmark.


A stool that helps you sit

Sitting on Sedeō is elevating, it clarifies your mind and aligns your spine.

The magic angle

The 15 degree angle tilt in Sedeo releases tension in your lower back, allowing your spine to follow its natural curve.

Built to last

Sedeo is made of FSC certified oak sourced from Germany and hand crafted by furniture makers in Copenhagen.

Ready for adventures.

Sedeo's legs slot into the base via an innovative joint system, making stool easy to collapse and bring with you on your wildest adventures.

The carrying case designed for sedeo is made with sturdy cotton canvas. The tightening strap works as a sling so that you can wear the case over your shoulder.

Carefully proportioned.

Made with ethics.

The stool and carrying case are made by a social enterprise in Copenhagen Denmark called HKI, which trains people who have historically been outside the job market in woodworking, sewing, box making, and other trades.

The oak is FSC certified, and trees are harvested from carefully managed biodiverse forests following strict social and environmental regulations.

The organic cotton canvas is hand-spun at a certified fair-trade weaving cooperative in India.

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Fundament is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name Fundament is the Danish word for foundation. It represents a solid platform for creating meaningful design.


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