Sedeo with case - Beech

One Sedeo stool with carrying case. Handmade in Denmark.


We have recently begun producing stools in beech wood as it is a slightly more sustainable material in Denmark, where we can source it locally. The grain of beech is tight, robust, and a similar hardwood to oak. The trees can grow to be over 1000 years and products made in beech can also last for hundreds of years if cared for. We have opted to use a white stain, giving the stool a clean scandinavian look.


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Sedeo with case - Beech

  • For US and UK customers: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Sedeo, you can return it within 1 month of purchase free of charge. 


Fundament is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name Fundament is the Danish word for foundation. It represents a solid platform for creating meaningful design.


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